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The Machinist

Discover the Steampunk Universe

Immersion in the futuristic past of “Machinist

The Old World of Steam Engines

Imagine a world where steam engines reign supreme, where copper, gears and cogs are the predominant decorative elements. Steampunk outfits fuse Victorian elements such as corsets, top hats and aviator glasses, with the addition of pocket watches, keys and mechanical gadgets.

New World of the Machinist

At Le Machiniste, we’ve embraced the spirit of Steampunk to create a uniquely immersive setting. Industrial elements blend with Victorian details to create a warm and intriguing ambience. Gears come to life, dimmed lights illuminate curiosity-filled corners, and music transports visitors to another time.

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Live your adventure!

Passionate about role-playing games (RPGs), Kevin, co-founder of Le Machiniste, is a ranter! A lifelong role-playing enthusiast. He’d like to share his passion with you through introductory sessions to this game combining imagination and adventure. Hosted by Game Master Arno from Donjouons et Rôlons, treat yourself to a role-playing session with friends or on your own in Caen!

What is role-playing?